• Image of Say Yes More Adventure Buff / Sky
  • Image of Say Yes More Adventure Buff / Sky
  • Image of Say Yes More Adventure Buff / Sky

To celebrate the launch of our new Buffs shipping is free, to anywhere in the world!

Our limited edition Say Yes More Buffs are made with adventure in mind. Featuring expedition imagery and the most positive three-word phrase around, you'll be out the door for a run, swim, cycle, skate, paddle or pedal the moment you pull your Buff on. So what are you waiting for?

Alternate colour / Lagoon

The Original Buff is designed on a 'one size fits most adults' basis since they are made using durable, elastic microfibre and fleece, which stretch to provide a comfortable custom fit. Our sizing chart suggests you choose products from our standard range (adult size) if you have a head size of circumference between 21" and 25" or 53 - 62 cm (when measured just above the ears).

Care Instructions
Your Buff headwear is made of pretty strong stuff, in fact it might possibly out last you. However, if you notice a strange aroma after a few months of use, all you need do is either wash by hand using any form of detergent or machine wash at any temperature and it will not stretch, shrink or run as Buff headwear is completely colourfast. When it comes to drying all you need do is run down the street with your Buff trailing behind and after a good hour on the run it should be dry or just hang it on the line because it will dry in minutes.

Ways to wear: www.buffwear.co.uk/ways-to-wear

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